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Mr. Sanya Pantib ( Ros )

Buddhist era : 2550 One of nine of a young artist who is appointed by national artists.
Picture-108Buddhist era : 2551 Invited Art Exhibition Complex. National Museum of the Ministry of Culture.Picture-091 Learned the art creations of famous artists of the world’s art museums in the United States.IMG_1429Buddhist era :  2550 Invited to presented in The City Gallery of Art, Los Angeles, California, United States.IMGP3457 Buddhist era :  2548 Won 1st prize contest sculptures of promote development strategy Chiang Mai Thailand.DSC02305Buddhist era :  2549 One of the twelve finalists. Thailand national team sportswear design by Grand Sport.4galSculpture by the technical Ros. Design and fabricate all types. Sculpture international pattern, Thailand pattern, Figure, Bas-Relief, Bas-Reliefs, Mold design home decor, Materials fiberglass case, Resin Cement Plaster Sand Brass Copper and more. A team ready. Job description :

1. Buddha sculpture, Buddha figure sculpture, Figure sculpture, Animal sculpture, Deity scupture such as Ganesha scupture, Guanyin scupture, Standing Buddha scupture, sitting, huge.

2. International sculpture such as foreign sculpture, foreign children’s faces, foreign male – female’s faces.

3. The sculpture Thailand style such as Thailand temple adorned with statues, hotel adorned or home. Swan sculpture, Kinnaree sculpture, Thailand singha.

4. Logos sculpture such as address number logos, university logos, institute logos etc.

5. Artificial stone waterfall sculpture such as mountain artificial stone, nuture artificial stone. Imitating colors like real stone.

6. Statue Roman pillars such as Roman pillars decorated luxury home, Roman pillars decorated mansion or decorated hotel.

7. Dome Statue decorated hotel, home or organization on a fiberglass material

8. Get a provincial housing

9. Picture frame pattern or frames celebrating of the gear.

10. Sculpt the temple decorated inside and out.

11. Sculpt the artificial tree as big as the real tree materials cement or fiberglass** We can do it all. You can consult or take it for what you have, You have already taken the time to consult with the technician Ros.

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